To access this Demo Network all you need is Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP1/SP2 or Windows XP wth SP3 to have the correct Remote Desktop Connections client to use this site. Some features of this site will only work with Internet Explorer 9 or later.

To get started you can create a new User ID by clicking on Sign-In.

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V-Lab Central
NOTICE: As of May 1, 2014, the Microsoft Dynamics AX demo solution will no longer be available on the http://mssalesdemos.com site. We are now providing two options for accessing and running the Microsoft Dynamics AX demos solutions: This currently only applies to the Microsoft Dynamics AX demo solution, all other demos solutions are still available on the http://mssalesdemos.com site.

  1. Now hosted in Microsoft Azure and available for access at: https://beta.microsoftgo.com
    • Microsoft employees can login using their Microsoft Credentials via ADFS
    • Partners and Customers can login using a Microsoft Account (eg. Hotmail, Live, etc..)
    • This new site Requires a Subscription to Microsoft Azure
    • Provides your own personal instance of the Microsoft Dynamics AX demo solution VMs

  2. Signup your own instance of the latest Microsoft Dynamics AX solution (V4) on V-Lab Central http://dynamics.vlabcentral.com
    • Provides you with a secure key for ‘one-click’ access to your AX demo image
    • No Azure account is required with this new site
    • Provides your own personal instance of the Microsoft Dynamics AX demo solution VMs

If you have any further questions regarding this change please contact psdemos1@microsoft.com

**Notice** - If you are using Internet Explorer 11 you Need to configure it for Compatibility mode for the http://mssalesdemos.com in order to be able start or schedule a demo. If you have any other issues please email us at psdemos1@microsoft.com We will continue testing the site with IE11 and provide updates as they become available.

To enable Compatibility Mode in IE 11, Within IE, Press the ALT key and a menu opens above the current webpage. Compatibility view settings are in the Tools menu item where you can add the http://mssalesdemos.com web site URL.

Welcome to the Microsoft Demonstration Site. This site was developed by the Microsoft Business and Products group to provide solutions and demonstrations across the full range of Microsoft technologies. Users have access to live hosted Virtual Machine images, self-running streaming videos via Microsoft Silverlight, and downloadable images, videos and click-through demos.

To get started you either logon using your Microsoft ID, Windows Live ID or if you don’t have one, you can either create one or create a new User ID on the site by clicking on Sign In.

The Online Demo Site provides the ability run the demos On-Demand or Schedule at a specific time. We recommend that if you have an important demonstration that you schedule your demo in advance to guarantee the resources are reserved for you at that time.

The Online Demo Site also provides the ability to create your own customized Virtual Environment of a Demo solution by using the Saved State feature. You can map your local drives directly in one of the virtual machines to copy files, images, etc.. into the image to customize to your needs, then save the image for future use.

As always we value our customer’s feedback on our existing solutions and any recommendations on new solutions and scenarios that will better help you evaluate the Microsoft Technologies and Solutions. If you have any feedback, comments or issues, please email us at: psdemos1@microsoft.com

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